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English Labrador Retriever puppies in yellow, black and chocolate

Breeding Top Quality English Labrador Retrievers

Est. 1992

Chocolate, Black and Yellow  English Labrador Retriever Puppies

You will find here Top- Quality English chocolate, yellow and black Labrador retrievers from Three Bears Labradors. We have over 30 years' experience in breeding English Labradors.  We breed for health, conformation, therapy, show and temperament.  

EnglishLabrador Retrievers can beco​me excellent partners to your kids and family members as well as therapy and hunting dogs. They are known to be playful, lovable, fun-loving, intelligent and extremely kind-hearted. The Labrador Retriever is loyal and can be a constant source of happiness to anyone they are near.

  We have a proven track record of producing some of the top-notch quality English Labrador Retrievers in the United States.  The parents are health tested and all our testing is certified with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. 

Our puppies are also checked by our licensed veterinarian to ensure that you are receiving a healthy puppy.

At Three Bears Labradors, we take great pride to offer one-to-one time and care with our pups and dogs. We strive to offer the labs a lovable environment where each of us – dogs and humans - bond at a different level. Every possible effort is undertaken to give them a sound environment so that the Labradors can develop their nature and personality well.

Our  English Labrador Retriever puppies are well adjusted and handled daily to ensure they are comfortable when they leave Three Bears Labradors kennel. We look forward to you getting your English Labrador puppy from us!

English Chocolate Labrador